Getting Things Done with Microsoft OneNote 2016

Learn how to create and manage your to-do lists in Microsoft OneNote using the latest techiniques taught by productivity guru David Allen, including:

  • Some best practices for Getting Things Done
  • A brief introduction to OneNote
  • How to apply GTD to OneNote
  • An overview of the common GTD lists
  • How to manage your Next Action lists in OneNote
  • How to complete projects with Action Lists
  • How to create an inbox in OneNote
  • Tips on reviewing your GTD lists
  • How to manage your actionable email
  • How to get your inbox to zero
  • Tips on what belongs on your calendar — and what doesn’t
  • How to store reference information in OneNote
  • How to use OneNote with OneDrive
  • How to collaborate in GTD with OneDrive

Seeds of Comfort

Fifty pleasant scenes to visualize for meditation and stress management.

Develop your imagination by adding details to the basic scenes. Make is a group activity by taking turns adding an element for everyone to visualize.